Honey, I’m home…

A pale grey mist slides slowly over the decrepit road. It’s been a long time, and the scent of ancient undisturbed memories hangs heavy in the air. You walk quietly down the road, your feet giving little sighs as you move across the remainder of damp leaves that carpet a floor of broken promises. There’s a forgotten feel to this place. As if it once spoke of grandeur and greater things, of luxury and wealth. A place of laughter and good will. But that was a long time ago… Now this place is just a shell of what it used to be, abandoned and left rejected by an unloving creator…

Until NOW!

Lots and lots of happy faces!!! @#$! :) :) :)) :) :))))) :) :)

Hello you beautiful people!

Now, before you start shouting, I deeply apologise for my grievous sins…

I know you’re frail and fragile and need my warm and nurturing love, and I know I just left you to the wolves and beasties and went out in search of Herobrine myself…

…But I’m here now lovies! And I promise I won’t ever leave you alone again, coz I know how some of you have attachment/abandonment issues…

But that’s okay because Joshie loves you.

Yes, and you and you and you.

Joshie is a whoreo and loves every single one of you!

Naughty Joshie!


*Hugs from Joshie*

Isn’t Joshie awesome?

Aww… Thanks :3… Well I’m glad you think so because I am, and I respect your decision .. Now go get off your lazy asses and go tell your friends about how awesome insertmyfeed is…!

And if you don’t think it’s awesome, please kindly keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself…

On another 8-bit note, I’d like to make an announcement…

I’m planning on writing longer, more meaningful posts now. Yes that’s right, filled with all the laughs, truths, facts, events, catastrophes and brobdingnagian exaggerations you can handle while juggling a pair of chainsmoking elephants!

Woo! for fact!

Woo! for truthful meanderings!

Woo! for hyperbole!

Woo! for Josh!

So in-between these mind-boggling pieces of digital gold will be smaller more ridiculous supplements like Brand New Day and other such gems.


Also to smooth over your seeping wounds left from my traumatic disappearance I’ll be giving away free sh*t!

Yes, that’s right, all you wonderful subscribers/followers will be getting not only 1 whole 100% free, brand new, all-exclusive, one-time premiere, amazing new post but also 1 whole 100% free, brand new, all-exclusive, one-time premiere, amazing new sudoku puzzle


The Posting… Beware, I warn you: He is OUT there.
The Sudoku:

_ o_o _

Oh, by the way, it’s totally filled out already… Oops.  :o

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