Utter Truth

Utter Truth

I met a man this weekend.

He was a funny sort of man. The funny sort of man you give a funny look at. One of those funny looks you give to potatoes when they start stinking. In fact, he smell just like a potato himself.

The funny sort of man wore a funny sort of hat. It was a very strange hat indeed. In, fact it was so strange he was asked to take it off.

The funny sort of man gave me a funny sort of look. It was probably because I was staring at the funny sort of man while he ate his hat.

For those of you that have tried, eating hats is relatively… haaard.

For one, they’re particularly chewy, for another, they don’t taste very good.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of snacking on one of these delectable accessories, I suggest you try one. For one I know they are certified to carry large amounts of Vitamin SocAwk.

………………………………………………………………………………That’s a real thing.

The point of this is you meet some pretty weird people out there.

So be careful. There are strange and unpredictable people everywhere. One of them might even be at your side right now. Slowly fattening you up to one day sink their teeth into those tender, juicy jugular’s of yours, sucking out all the blood and letting it splash it’s delectable warm over their face as they dance to the standing stones singing the song of harvest to the full moon while practicing their satanistic sacrificial ritual completely naked.


What did you do in your weekend?

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