The Slender Man

He’s behind you every step of the way. He’s waiting behind every tree. Hiding under every conveniently placed dumpster. He’s where you’d least expect him. He looks totally debonair in his $700 suit. And he loves the taste of face.

Yes, it’s exactly what you think.

He is the Tall Man.

The Slim Man..

The Outlander…

He is the Slender Man.

And he is behind you right now…

If walk down the road to get some milk from the shop. He’ll be there. Watching silently from the shadows, tangled tongues twisting in gloopy circles, a hiss eminating from deep back in his throat.

He is the Slender Man.

And he is watching.

People disrespect this fact. People go and make funny pictures, post around on 9GAG all sorts of humorous quips about the Outlander.

They pay no respect to the power that waits quietly behind them. And that is their downfall.

In fact I’m sure you can credit the economic disaster, global warming and child soldiers all to the Slender Man’s pure, unbridled anger and the sounds of his screams that carry the stench of sulphur.

Slender is out there people.

And he is watching.

The next time you trip over your shoelace or drop a coin just stop to think for a minute. This is all probably his fault. And you’ve done something to piss him off.

So tread carefully my friends. No one knows the bounds of his fury. More will come, Slender will be exposed and I bet my life that I can prove his identieafdffffffffffffffffffffffffff–……………………….